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"stagnation" cd (released by bones brigade records in june 2005)


released June 1, 2005



all rights reserved


MINDFLAIR Kaiserslautern, Germany


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Track Name: affirmation

Sitting in the living-room
All alone and time to think
Washing some thoughts
To overview the situation

Reminding the good and bad things
That ever happened to us
Some hours of constant mindstorming
Leads to the only conclusion
That life is too good to be bad

Enjoy - the day to be a gift
Enjoy – the friends that surround you
Enjoy – your favorite sport or sparetime activity
Enjoy – your music or some movies
Enjoy – some events or the walk to relax

And please don´t forget to involve
Everybody who shares your view
Enjoy everything because life is too short !
Track Name: no lyrics
No Lyrics

What shall we write about
When we´re out of ideas
This is a no lyrics song
Use your phantasies

To insert some words and senses

We are sick of writing
“kää Bock!” and “Druffhalle!”

end of song
Track Name: stagnation

The old versus the young
It´s a neverending battle
About the moral values
And the right thing to do

Lived your life properly
You kept economy alive
But when you got retired
Your work is done – piss off!

You are our future
To keep economy alive
We wait for you to join
But you refuse – piss off!

So who´s the one to blame?
Track Name: superstar construction kit
Superstar construction kit

You have a dream of a career ?
You like to sing and dance ?
So join some casting shows
But prepare to pass hell
Nudget into a pattern
Of a marketing concept
Psychologically tormented
Cupped and thrown away
Track Name: chosen unity
Chosen unity

Democracy – word of freedom
The will of choice is given
Although we are free to live
We’re trapped in our inner prison

A small word called order
Hypocritically packed
To hold us down to keep us small
Not to release our angers

Suggested in media
Claiming for your own good
You don’t notice the truth
That you chose unity
Track Name: 101

101 – symbolized
off the middle you stand
and reaching out the hand
into a racist land

claim a liberal mind
aware of the public
or just to satisfy
to take care of your image

on your surfaced act
you show the 100
free to direct each way
while your brain counts the 1

out to your real world!
Track Name: mindflare

viel zu sagen gibt es nicht
aber wenn,dann in dein Gesicht
zuviel der schlechten Worte
über dies oder das – klopft an die Pforte

die Welt von heut
ist voller Geschwätz und Leid
1000 Worte und nix gesagt
sich im Redeschwall verhakt

der Kopf platzt jeden Moment
das Gelaber ist so vehement
da bleib ich lieber ruhig
und halt den Mund – ganz ungehemmt!

mindflare ...
Track Name: the hauch of aggression
The hauch of aggression

Hauptsach´it steals your breath
Rotten,vomit,gore and gut
Geht uns tierisch auf´n Sack

Rip,cut,suck and bleed
Rauchen lieber unser weed
Bowels,maggots,brains and murder
Just suffocate on Dimmu Burger

Fuck,suck and all this sexist shit
machen wir nicht mit
crush,splash,split and splatter
it doesn´t matter

tits,pussy,bitch and cock
your only way to rock ?
this is your passion
the hauch of aggression
Track Name: human tapedeck
Human tapedeck

The point to forget is always near
Having ideas all the time
An overflow hardly to handle
Don´t fear to tell them to others
There will always be one of them
Who can keep things in mind
So no idea will disappear
When it´s worth to develop
This fact will stop the chaos

No possibility to record
What shall we do about it ?

Just tell the human tapedecks !
Their brains are the tapes
Push “play” to rehearse by asking
Or train your brain
To be one of them
Track Name: the fairy tale of intelligence
The fairy tale of intelligence

Once upon a time
In a world of hatred and crime

Sensing into our lands
Spreading out the open hands
Seed the trendy shits
Until stupidy fits

The land of poets and thinkers
Replaced by aggressive stinkers
Trousers worn to the bottom
But brain´s not worse the cotton

A gesture and image thing
Only care for what your star will sing

“Viagra´s” good for prevention
“Cool” a good word to mention
“Reading” is your nemesis
“Thinking” - what kind of word is this?

For the Pisa blame you´re here to stay
It doesn´t matter for you anyway
Track Name: excess to nothing
Exzess to nothing

Fun is your obsession
Take part all over the places
Until exhaustion
Ignoring consequences
But suddenly curbed
For the rest of your life
On the day you got married
Track Name: positive thought treatment
Positive thought treatment

made experience the hard way
insisted on love and friendship like all
But received a bad refusal all around
Left sitting on the stairs

All alone with no way to turn to
Avoided by the so called friends
Passing years in fear of death
Alone and wasting the teenage years

But there´s a switch in the head
Far to reach but not impossible
Turn life into the positive way
There’s a lot more work to do
But it’s a good feeling to proceed
Treating yourself on positive thoughts
Track Name: seduced to purity

A lifestyle program
To hold down your urge
To keep you much busy
To care for your own
Not about thinking and caring
Of the bigger problems in the world

Mirror of society
Doesn´t show you the truth behind
Voyeurism as a major distraction
To keep your minds in touch
Indifferently raised
Is the way for them
To steal into control

And you don´t realize?!
Track Name: brainwash method
Brainwash method

The television all-day procedure
Filled with seductive products
A commercial overkill all over the day
Who´s the one to break your will ?

A media war to twist your mind
A created world – utopia
To idealize , smiling and flying
A man or a woman
Ready to be fucked in relation of the product
A sexual mindbreak to tickle your basic instincts

Drink this beer – the bra disappears
Eat that food – you´re the womanizer
Drive some new car – the girls are kissing your feet
A lie for their financial purpose
Using your unperfection to consume