scourge of mankind


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    MINDFLAIR 'Scourge Of Mankind' LP
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    MINDFLAIR 'Scourge Of Mankind' LP
    release date June 15th 2015
    120 Blood Red/Black Marbled (hand numbered)
    357 Doom Black
    10 Testpress Editions (hand numbered)

    comes with a huge DinA2 poster and bandcamp download card

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cd & lp out now!
recorded,mixed & mastered in august/september 2014 @ parabol audio by manuel cohnen (
all songs & lyrics by mindflair
guestvox on “unkrautbekämpfung” by seb bxe (bitterness exhumed)
coverartwork by sergio black




all rights reserved


MINDFLAIR Kaiserslautern, Germany


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Track Name: black frost
devoured by the glacier
deep frozen
time stands still
barren trees loom into the sky
enveloped by shadows
a world coated in black
freezing wind awakens the wasted plants
bruise long forgotten
everything veiled
darkness has conquered
dull, unfocused & depressed
frosted faces
leaden hearts far and wide
no end in sight
hate and despair
mental snowstorm
masked and crippled
grimace with pain
lifeless leading nowhere
disease as daily occurrence
viruses your closest companion
share them with friends
to proliferate
earth solid as concrete
denied life
colors were yesterday
now in black and white
the beginning of the end
awaiting the big showdown
the final chapter
in the here and now
Track Name: sunprotectionfactor 13
a warm day
nice and clear
lots of birds
is what you hear
the sun is tickeling your nose
cannot wait
for the summer overdose
playing outdoors
with the kids
instead of listening to some shit
hanging around
in the sun
all we do is
to have some fun
festival season yeah it´s near
high volume bands
is what you hear
without any stress and fear
but a lot of grass and beer
feel free and free your mind
cannot push rewind
the temperature is falling
and the winter is calling
Track Name: greed
surfeited with construction sites
tear down at any price
chaos reigns
a mall here and there
townhouses and rent increase inclusive
someone's sure to pay
to tinker on credit
who needs culture?
lastly it offers no profit
closure and elimination for peanuts
with them it can be done
they won't be missed
and once more space has been created
to squander nonexistent money
count us out!
stand up and fight!
come if you dare!
habitats, skate parks and rehearsal rooms
defend them at any cost!
you can't bring us down!
our dream, our space, our lifestyle
leave us alone
go peddle somewhere else
or you will be crushed
by the culture hammer
Track Name: unconditional
first encounter
deep eyes
little creature
a miracle
the shape taken
catching every word
wants to understand
long nights
short days
always here
spending time
master of patience
loving without clutching
being together without deluging
leaving without feeling guilty
telling without making allegation
accepting without judging
criticizing without hurting
helping without urging
years pass by
fast as a shark
moments become eternity
don´t wanna miss a second
best part of my life
is your life
I would give away mine
to protect you
Track Name: flow
endless blockades
breaks, dismemberment, disposal
nothing goes ahead
can´t make any progress
from the beginning
endless trials
no horizon in sight
don´t lose the nerves
your choice
your way
then the turn
it springs up and flows
It grows and thrives
piece by piece
flowing streams
without thinking
just go for it
running wild
destroy silence
and it´s done
enjoy the final product
over and over again
full of enthusiasm and satisfaction
leaving the river
of sweat and tears
to wallow
in the land of bliss
Track Name: unkrautbekämpfung
altes thema und stets aktuell
so viel zeit verstrichen und nichts dazugelernt
besser oder schlechter
würdig oder unwürdig
schwarz oder weiß
was geht in euren köpfen vor ?
vakuum erzeugt aggression
gefolgt von angst und gewalt
in der gruppe ganz groß
in wahrheit winzig in allen belangen
ihr seid die kleine pflanze die ich zertrete
bevor sie gedeiht
das unkraut
welches im keim erstickt werden muss
bevor es unkontrolliert wuchert
farbe bekennen in jeglicher hinsicht
brauner abschaum ist jedoch stets unerwünscht
ich schreie es heraus
auf dass die köpfe platzen
heraus mit der dummheit und absurdität
hohlschädel ausbetoniert
ans hakenkreuz geschlagen
nationalstolz ausbluten lassen
schön primitiv
einzige sprache die ihr versteht
ich stehe für meinungsfreiheit
eure hingegen ist ein verbrechen
welche es gehört zu brechen
Track Name: ideal of stupidity
hey wannabe barbie
painted all the way
bodytuning as the ideal of beauty
but that´s not enough for you
media is hammering in your head
you are ugly and fat
50 kilograms what the fuck
liposuction as the first step on the ladder of suck(cess)
followed by the botox clan
facelift,big tits,eyes,mouth and nose
you need this overdose
having the perfect size
stretched and spanned
ego as a mountain high
nobody is fit to hold a candle to you
you´re the one and only
leader of the pack
you have reached the end
but only for the moment
people like you make me sick
let´s puke together a little bit
Track Name: unlearned
losing priority
stealing ideas
attack from behind
breeding fear
bury the roots
give a shit about the past
searching new friends
which share your thoughts
same interests
same bad taste
have fun with them
hang out with them
capitalize the others
sixteen years of sickness
stayed in business
exploit the wasted time
to take an advantage
turning negative to positive
never look back
reaching the end
better than ever
the unlearned fever
Track Name: exploitation
one piece in order of the working class
adducing endless achievement
for this purpose you earn the minimum
but you´re happy with your job,aren´t you?
do what they want
don´t ask why
make everything possible
your boss is resting on his laurels
big car,big house,big belly
he lives the life he chose
is it the same for you?
always under pressure
living for the job
dying for spare time
pleasing everybody in all points
regardless of the consequences
exploited and tormented
blaming for everything
always find something to complain about you
working and thinking
hurting and bleeding
sweating and waiving
for others
and nobody gives a fuck about you!
Track Name: quite the opposite
anything but music
without any structure
just pure noise
instruments out of control
no lyrics to catch
if there ever are any
unable to read music
just cleaning the stage
that and much more
hearing day by day
if you don´t like it
you can lump it
it is easy to blaspheme
too hard to try
if it makes you happy
then blow the mishmash in your fucking head
the same old story
again and again
different but always the same
brainfucked sounds for the masses
shouting the lyrics
to the radioshit
nevertheless wrong
even if those are easy to understand
humming the melodies
nevertheless wrong
I ask myself
who is not able to do
maybe you even burst with envy
but we give a fuck
you righteous bastard
just be quiet and leave us in peace
you cannot change anything
put that idea right out of your mind
quite the opposite
it motivates us even more
Track Name: conspiracy of shit
wanna go out
and have some fun
going through the door
and it´s done
feel some slime
under the shoe
just powerless
anything to do
another dog crossed the sidewalk
look for a person to talk
maybe a ghost or whatever
for sure you´ll catch it never
a big mountain
high and brown
the next moment
long and down
stinks to heaven and back
want your face to hack
I love dogs and all sorts of animals
so I wanna be a cannibal
waiting for the person
behind the door
to push it´s fucking face
down to the floor
Track Name: deadlocked
everything is fine as it is
just no changes
retain all
don´t try anything new
maintain order
everything stays in its place
don´t lose the overview
opinion, attitude and point of view
stored in the system
no space for the new
accept nothing
protective shield constantly activated
you know your talk
you are the teacher
and the preacher
you're always right
you are the wisdom
you're the exception
you are the rule
the law
thus and not otherwise
multiplying your ideas
spreading amongst all
how fortunate we are
to have you
the emperor of habit
Track Name: theatre of the absurd
your religion
your church
gods and disciples
immoral and insane
mass hype
four years crucifixion
the holy grail
world transformed into a madhouse
all hell is let loose
bloody carnival
loud and drunk
proud as fuck
people die
bombs explode
none of that
counts at all
aggressive vermin
immense sums
to dissipate
I don’t give a fuck
will never understand
stay away
and leave us in peace
with your fake new world